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TransFamily Support Services will continue its support groups via online meetings. Please email to get the online meeting details.TFSS is also working remotely and we are here for our trans youth and families using online tools to continue support. Please call or email if you need us.

TransFamily Support Services guides transgender/non-binary youth and their families through the gender transitioning process to help make it the most positive experience possible.  We provide family coaching, assistance with healthcare and insurance issues, help navigating the legal system, and support at schools All services are provided at no fee.

Trans Statistics

1 %
Attempt Suicide

Percentage of Trans Youth that attempt to end their life when they don’t have family support.

1 %
Youth Bullied

Percentage of Trans Youth who report feeling unsafe at school. 

1 %
No Medical Care

Percentage of Trans Individuals unable to obtain medical care.

1 %
Physical Assaults

Percentage of Students who have been physically abused because of their gender expression.

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