Post-Election: What We Can Do Now

What do we do now?

There was a forest fire and all of the animals, deer, squirrels, raccoons, and such like were fleeing in the direction of a nearby lake. A deer spotted a bird, with its tiny little beak filled with water, flying away from the lake and over the forest. The bird emptied the few drops of water its beak held onto the forest fire. As the deer was running toward the lake, it watched the tiny bird go back and forth several times, picking up lake water in its beak and then flying back to empty a few drops onto the forest fire. When the deer caught up to the bird at the lake, it asked, “What are you doing?” The bird replied, “What I can.”

We don’t fight fear and messages of hate with darkness and anger. We spread the message of love, acceptance, compassion, respect, and dignity. We do what we can. And we can do things, meaningful things, for each other.

Please consider supporting TransFamily Support Services by simply clicking the AmazonSmile link each time you order from Amazon, especially shopping for the holidays. It doesn’t cost anything extra for shoppers to click through AmazonSmile!  You can also go to the DONATE button on our Facebook page or right here on this website. Please save and share theses links. You can make a significant difference, not just changing lives for the better, but saving them.

Especially during times of uncertainty, those who have been and continue to feel marginalized need support now more than ever. Please contact us to find out how to become a trans ally. It’s easy and YOU can make a BIG difference.

TransFamily Support Services stands ready, willing, and able to continue serving transgender and gender nonconforming youth with in their families, community, and nation. We welcome you to help us be of service, and contact us if you or someone you know needs our services.

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